MOTORBOOTY “The Better Magazine”

As mentioned elsewhere in this site, Mr. Mark Dancey was heavily involved with Motorbooty Magazine from its obscure beginnings in 1987 to its ultimate demise 1999. Seeing that we have never really taken the trouble to explain what Motorbooty was about to visitors who might have missed out on Motorbooty experience, the renowned artist Mr. […]

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A-Hunting We Will Go

Brothers and Sisters, children and dogs, if you are like us here at Iluminado, you frequently find yourself pausing in your daily tasks to ask, “What’s Dancey doing?” Well, we are pleased to announce that, after many months without word, we finally have an answer to that question, and it’s neither anything shameful nor illegal. […]

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Mr. Mark Dancey will be participating in LYRIC, a group show curated by internationally renowned painter Glenn Barr. The theme of the show is illustrated song lyrics. Mr. Dancey chose the old standard “Cry Me a River,” and executed the work on an old LP. Too bad he chose not to supply us with an […]

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Soundgarden  <br />“Badmotorfinger” Proof 1991

Old School Oddity

Back in the day (1991, to be exact), Mr. Dancey took on an assignment to illustrate the “Badmotorfinger” album for the Soundgarden band. In the ongoing effort to clear out the archives, Mr. Dancey has unearthed this little item that shows how the iconic grunge album could have ended up looking a lot different than […]

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The Third Dimension

Although Mr. Dancey is best known as a painter, graphic artist and gentlemanly bon vivant, he also sometimes produces the odd three-dimensional object of virtue and utility. In order to best display these items, we here at Iluminado thought it best to add another department to our collection.We are pleased to announce that the new […]

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Works Progress Demonstration

Completed in record time in order to be included in Re:View Gallery’s upcoming “Re:Collect” exhibition, here the latest work from Mr. Dancey. Executed in greasy oil on a compact 4.5 inch masonite panel, it is entitled “The Consolation of Philosophy.” Mr. Dancey always does a complete preparatory drawing before transferring the image to the panel, […]

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RARE Mark Dancey items on ebay

After a thorough examination of the Iluminado Archives, Mr. Dancey has selected a few choice items to be made available on Ebay. These include silk screen prints, giclee art prints, original drawings and customized vinyl toys. Many of these rarities are not viewable elsewhere, and many were thought to be apocryphal lies, but they are […]

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Brothers and sisters, it’s time.

Brothers and sisters, it’s time. We here at Iluminado are proud to announce the launch of the completely revamped and revitalized, the Mark Dancey Center for Graphic Energy. Your official source for the work of Mr. Mark Dancey is now more attractive and easy to use. Featuring large format images of Dancey’s best pictures, […]

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