Chess Set, 2003


Mssrs. Jeff Richards and Dan Banda of the Padded Cell took Mark Dancey’s drawings and expertly sculpted them in bronze and stainless steel. This set discards the social hierarchy that chess pieces usually represent and imposes a new order based on the human body; in this set the brain is the king, the heart is the queen, the eyes are the bishops, the muscles are the knights, the bones are the rooks, and the fingers are the pawns. The board consists of 64 precision-fit tiles of bronze and stainless steel and weighs over 50 pounds, Jack.


Wheel of Fortune, 2003


Starting with an old bike wheel, a set of magnets, and Dancey’s sketches, the intrepid men of the Padded Cell constructed this fully functional game of mischance. When the wheel spins, the running torso sprints along the edge of the wheel until he catches up with one of the heads painted on the wheel’s surface. Meanwhile, the runner’s alter ego has quit running to relax with the Sphinx at the center of the wheel.