The Better Magazine


MOTORBOOTY was the satirical magazine that broke every rule of zinedom by actually being good. Published between 1987 and 1999, it has gained a reputation among cultural historians as an essential text for understanding America in the 90s. While we have yet to see a scholarly annotated reprint edition of the magazine, it appears that some patient and unauthorized soul has uploaded the contents of every issue to the Internet Archive.  Now it is a simple matter of clicks to view the work of the United Booty Workers —Mike Rubin, Dave Merline, Barry Henssler, Rob Michaels, Dan Rice, Mike Danner, Matt O’Brien, Phil Dürr, Andy Wendler , Bryan Hyland, Mr. Plotnick and Mr. Dancey—as well as comics by Terry LaBan, Lloyd Dangle, Mary Fleener, Peter Bagge, Chris Ware, Michael Kuperman, Jim Blanchard, and Terry Colon. Feast your eyes, glut your soul: