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Our new and expanding Instagram Gallery is now open for your visits. Simply click here and see what it is all about:  

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The Illuminated Way

The Illuminated Way

Dear friends, in these murky times it is good to know where you can turn for visual rejuvenation and psychic succor. As we say here at Iluminado: Give me your tired, your sore, your blindered eyeballs yearning to see free, the weeping peepers keen to cry no more. Send these, the unpleased, darkness-bound to me. […]

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Grand Reboot, 2015

The floors are waxed, the spittoons are polished, and the doors are open. Iluminado, the Mark Dancey Center for Graphic Energy, is now ready for your visit. Thoroughly overhauled by Web Maestro Marc Storrs (, our site has been recalibrated to meet the visual needs of everyone from the casual browser to the advanced viewer […]

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O Fortuna

“Notions of chance and fate are the preoccupation of men engaged in rash undertakings,” wrote Cormac McCarthy in “Blood Meridian,” a violent tale of scalp hunters in the old west. Just as much as the desperados in McCarthy’s story, George Armstrong Custer had faith in fortune, and his belief in “Custer’s Luck” made him fatally […]

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  Mr. Dancey will be participating in the end of the season group show at Re:View Contemporary Gallery in Detroit. His piece, entitled “Wouldn’t It Be Pretty If It Was?” was completed about an hour ago and is ready for you to view it when the show opens Saturday November 10. Book your reservation:

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“Someday” Has Arrived

Ladies and gentlemen, punkers and skins, we are proud to announce that the long talked about vinyl re-release of recordings by Mr. Dancey’s 1980s hardcore punk outfit is now a reality. The band in question, Born Without a Face, was active from 1983 to 1986. The group had a ferocious guitar-driven sound with metallic influences, […]

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Son of Store

Our tastefully revamped shop is now open for business, with limited edition silk screen and giclee prints available to grownups with discriminating viewing habits.  

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LYRIC 2012

  Mr. Dancey is participating in the 2012 version of LYRIC, the popular group show curated by Glenn Barr, which features a gang of artists who have produced pieces based on song lyrics. The show runs from Saturday April 21 through May 15 at Gallery 323 East in Royal Oak, Michigan. Mr. Dancey’s work is […]

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